Artist interacting with disparate ways of expression, Lia Bosch deals with all the potentialities of an open point of view, detached from the presumed urgencies of the everyday life. The artist knows that there are no possible projections into the future without a driving force generated by a deep, historical analysis of her own roots. Her authorial identity, acquired thanks to her studies at Accademia di Brera, have been strengthened by her different experiences with design, photography, dance, acting, fashion, together with long residencies in New York, Los Angeles, Paris. In the belief that the ways for knowledge are all around, she knows that the important thing is to undertake and develop them in the most productive way. This is where her attitude to explore the so-called Tradition comes from. By developing a creativity that does not tolerate labels, her art is powered by different formal languages. This is what gives to the artist Lia Bosch, the right to entitle Athanatos (immortal) her most recent art project, presented during one of the Fuori Salone events.
Her maturation is personal, intimate, in constant evolution, included within a creative path characterized by interactions between design and fashion, as we can see in the precious graphic elaborations realized with Elio Fiorucci.